Getting An Engraved Hip Flask As A Gift As An Alternative

A Novelty Gift

Hip flasks can be collector items (antique hip flasks), or the classic sterling silver flask used to hold drinks. The most popular hip flask is the standard stainless engraved hip flasksteel one, though various types of hip flasks are currently available in the market. Other common types of hip flasks in the market include leather, traditional pewter, stainless, sterling silver and leather pewter. Personalising hip flasks come in various shapes and sizes, you can even go one further and go for an engraved hip flask.

Engraving hip flask

An engraved hip flask is a common gift for birthdays, wedding or any other memorable event. A sizable number of engravings are permanent. These engravings can be graphics, a picture, a simple logo, pattern or a text message.

Engraving Text

A sizable amount of text can often be engraved on a hip flask. However, its advisable to keep the text short and simple for good resolution. A large amount of engraved characters can result in minute text font that can render them quite illegible. Always ensure that the engravings appear neat and the space between the characters is right. The shape, type and style of the text would determine the cost of your hip flasks. Usually, 6 oz is taken as the standard size for anchoring your favorite tipple and can further readily fit inside your pocket. However, you can choose from as small as 2 oz hip flask up to a maximum of 64 oz size hip flask.

Engraving Patterns

Patterns can be hammered, handmade or laser printed. Select a size and shape that best suits you and that is within your budget. Several flasks have a small funnel to help pour the tipple easily. Always ensure that the end product of your hip flasks engraving looks elegant and beautiful.


Irrespective of the style and kind chosen for hip flasks, engraved hip flasks are ideally memorable and nice gift that your soul mates will cherish for the rest of their lives. Therefore, you should put your best foot forward when engraving hip flasks gifts.